What People Are Saying About PaoloTek

Paolotek professional and very knowledgeable“Thanks to a recommendation from “Green Elephant Marketing”, we were introduced to Paolo of PaoloTek at a time we were considering implementing a brand new network for our business offices.  He prepared detailed quotes for us on equipment and installation.  He spent a great deal of time educating us on the same.  When time came to make the big transition, was it flawless, heck no.  Nothing that extreme is flawless, but you would have never sensed it.  They were here for us through it all, and fine-tuned this system to our very “needy” standards.  We couldn’t have done it without PaoloTek, nor would I recommend anyone even try.”   Angela Preston, Administrator, Prescott Brewing Company  www.prescottbrewingcompany.com

Paolo came to our house, arrived on time, listened to our description of the computers symptoms, spoke to us in laymen’s terms we could understand, then went right to work. Two hours later, both of our computers that had completely shut down due to a rouge virus, where up and running. New anti virus software was installed, loads of unnecessary old data was flushed from the system, a few concerns about surfing habits where discussed, and he was on his way. What more could anyone hope for.   Deborah Mainville-Knight owner of: Mind Your Own Business! Consulting – MYOB!  www.mindyourownbusinessconsulting.com

“Paolo is a consummate professional. Paolo was flexible regarding changing priorities and was always willing to go the extra mile to get our system running smoothly. Paolo’s technical skills, amiable nature and positive attitude helped ensure that the overall project was a success.”   K. Doolgar, President, AASA Management

“Paolo has not only helped me out of many frustrating “computer not working as it should” situations, but has helped me to learn and understand a multitude of issues, which empowers me.  His patience, kind, gentle and friendly advice has helped a non technical person to work through the challenges that resolve in completion with elegant solutions.  He is certainly a genius man and great detective, who has helped me to troubleshoot many a perplexing situation.  I find he is fair and has the utmost of honesty and integrity.  I would trust him with my life.  Many thanks Paolo!”
A. Bruce, Holistic & Integrative Bodywork


Office Testimonial!

“Paolo is genius! We had him network our office for both computers and printers. Paolo was efficient and knows his business. We have recommended PaoloTek to several business and people that have needed his expertiese. We now only use PaoloTek for all of our technical issues”
~green elephant!