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QCBN – February 2011 Article on CES!

IF YOU CANNOT SEE THE ENTIRE POST CLICK ON THE WORDS ABOVE: “QCBN – February 2011 Article on CES!” Hi! Here are the links to the items mentioned in my Quad Cities Business News article about the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show that was held in Las Vegas January 6-9 2011. New technology, new gadgets, new toys and what [...]

3D PaoloTek

Hey, PaoloTek is in 3D!

More silliness at the Nvidia booth at CES! Check this out:

Why is my hard drive full?

Have you noticed the space on your hard drive disappearing? Windows by default keeps restore points or checkpoints if you change something. After a while this can easily fill up your hard drive. They can be easily deleted by performing a Disk Clean up then selecting More options. From there Select system Restore and then Clean up [...]

Google hits on the Caffeine!

Google hits on the Caffeine!

Last week Google announced the completion of a new web indexing system called Caffeine. Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches than our last index, and it’s the largest collection of web content we’ve offered. Whether it’s a news story, a blog or a forum post, you can now find links to relevant [...]