About PaoloTek

Just who is Paolo of PaoloTek?


I was brought up with home computing and various technologies back in the early 1980’s. At my Advanced Technology Magnet School I studied computers, television production, and robotics all 4 years. My work experience took me from installing alarm systems and advanced home theaters to camera, phone, and, computer networks. My move to Prescott from Minneapolis was a welcome change as the weather in ‘Minne-snow-ta’ was dreadful. I worked in Prescott for five years as the Primary Computer/Technology Troubleshooter for the Prescott Unified School District. I handled hundreds of computers, as well as many servers, networks, and customers in the form of staff and students. Then, I easily passed the A+ and Network+ Computer and Network Certifications. I am eternally grateful to PUSD for that. Now, I have been running PaoloTek since 2003.

Services We Offer:

• Virus & Spyware clean-up
• Personalized Set-up & Training
• Office / Home network setup
• Software, Hardware, Accessory Purchase
• Technical Support
• Group / Private Classes
• Custom PC’s and Laptops
• MANY parts and accessories available
• Mac friendly!

As the saying goes, sometimes it’s also “who you know”.

Our Affiliates:

Quality People with
Quality Businesses!


Prescott Power Partners


Our mission is to promote, educate and encourage a referral source for all partners in the networking group, with the mission to build our businesses with integrity, moral ethics and strong relationships.


• To meet people with the same business ethics and drive
• To bring together success oriented, like minded people
• To build a referral team for each business within the networking group
• People helping people


We help you connect with a network of success-oriented business people in your area for the purpose of exchanging business referrals YOU represent, and WE promote your business category exclusively. Each business category is limited to one member – there is no competition.